1936 Studied at the  HANGZHOU Public Art College under The guidance of PAN TIANSHOU, CHANG HONGWEI, WU FUZHI etc, member of Painting And Calligraphy Research society of the College hosted by Master PAN TIANSHOU
1938 Student of SHANGHAI Art College and  XINHUA Art College, SHANGHAI, under the guidance of Masters WANG SHENYUAN, XIE GONGZHAN etc.
1938 Paintings shown at “Art-show to South Asia” held by LIU HAISHU
1939 Paintings shown at “Exhibition of calligraphy and painting by Celebrities in SHANGHAI”
1940 Teacher of High School of TAIHE County.
1942 Dean of Fine Art Department of ZHUCHUAN Public Normal College
1943 Teacher of TAIHE Public Normal School,professor of LIFONG Art College.
1944 Teacher of 3th Public High School of JIAN
1946 Personal art-show”held in TAIHE (Capital of JIANGXI Province then).
1946 Teacher of the Senior Devision  of NANCHANG NORMAL College
1949 Teacher of The First United High School NANCHANG
1950 Teacher of Art Department of LINCHUAN Normal College
1953 Teacher of Art Department of JIANGXI Normal College (Now, Fine Art College of JIANGXI University) teaching water colour, Oil-painting, Chinese painting (birds flowers, mountains and Waters and human figure),art appreciation and Teaching methors; Editor of “Teaching Methor of Drawing of High Schools”,“General Outline of water colour Teaching Methors for 3-year Program”.
1954 Chief editor of “General Outline of Chinese Painting Teaching Methors for 2-year Program”and That “For 3-year Program”.
1956 Chief editor of“Outline of water colour teaching for 3- year Program”.
1960 Created “The Hero City, NANCHANG”,Chinese Traditional Painting for JIANGXI Hall of the People's Great Hall in Beijing.
1962 Promoted associate professor 
1966 The beginning of Cultural Revolution, labeled “reactionary academic authority”
1968 Banished from the city of NANCHANG to settle down in the countryside with his family to Become farmers of the WANGER People's Commune.
1972 Returned to JIANGXI Normal College NANCHANG.chief editor of “Outline of teaching of  Watercolour Painting”.
1973 Chief editor of “Outline of Teaching of Chinese Traditional Painting ”.
1978 Selected to be committeeman of the Provincial Political Consulting Confrence.
1980 Invited to CHONGQING to take partin“the Confrence of Editing Teaching Outlines of Chinese Traditional Painting for National Normal Colleges”and brought forward his thesis at the Mooting,“My Experience of tearing the Chinese Painting of Birds and Flowers and Mountains and Waters”.80 works were selected to a peronal art-show Held by the Provincial Artists Association; 4 pieces of them were selected to be shown at the Co-show in NANCHANG and WUXI. Created two paintings “Plumbloesoms in Winter”for The JIANGXI Hall of the People's Great Hall in Beijing. Selected vice chairman of JIANGXI Artists Association and consultor of JIANGXI Watercolour Society.
1981 6 pieces of his works were Shown at the co-show Held in NANCHANG and CHENDU. Took students of the 78Grade to paint from life at HUANGSHAN Mountains.
1982 11 pieces of his works were selected as part of The art works from NANCHANG to be shown in GUANGZHOU took students of the 79 Grade to paint From life at HUANGSHAN Mountains.
1983 4 pieces of his works were selected to be shown In GUIZHOU Province.Took students of the 80 Grade to Paint from life at HUANSHAN Mountains.
1984 Invited to take part in the“Confrence on Calligraphy and Painting in Mid-autumn”held in GANZHOU. Took the students of the 82 Grade to paint from Life in GUILIN.
1985 Took the students of the 81 Grade to paint from Life at HUANGSHAN Mountains.
1986 Took the students of the  83 Grade to paint from Life at WUYU Mountains.“Personal Art-show of YAN MING”held in SHANGHAI Normal College.Consultor of JIANGXI Artists Association, Consultor of JIANGXI Chinese Traditional painting Society.
1987 Promoted professor. Invited by SHENZHEN Gallery to hold“Art-show by LI LOGONG and YAN MING”. “Exhibition of Art Works by YAN MING”invited and Held in GUANGZHOU Academy of Fine Arts.Vice chairman of “BADA SHANREN Researohing Society”.
1988 Invited to take part in the“Exhibition of In Ternational Cultural Communication”held in Japan
1991 “Co-show of works by YAN MING, WANG QI, LI ZHENAnd YAN LING”held in ZHUHAI.
1993 Invited by TAIWAN Provincial Gallery to have “Exhibition of Water-ink Paintings by Pro. YAN MING”in TAIPEI.“Water-ink Paintings by Pro.YAN MING”published in TAIWAN.
1997 “Selected Works by YAN MING”published.
2000 “Art-show by YAN MING”held in NANCHANG Art Gallery, JIANXI,
2002 “Exhibition of Art works by YAN MING,WANG QI LI ZHEN and YAN LING”held in ZHONGSHAN, GUANGDONG. 
2004 “YAN MING Art-show”held in National Art Museum, Beijing.